Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Brett's Birthday

We had a lot of fun for Brett's birthday this year. Here is
what I got him:

Just kidding! I just rented it for the day but it
was a lot of fun. It is an amazing car that even I
fell in love with! We just went all over town and
played all day (and into the night) in it! Doesn't it
look good in our garage?!

We went here to get Brett's free breakfast! (of course):

And here to get the new phone I bought him:

And here to have lunch with the fam:

And here to catch a delightful film:

And here to show Dusty and Chelsea the car:

And here to get Brett free dinner (of course):

What a fun day!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Yummy & Patriotic Creations

Being done with school = having time for things
that I used to love to do such as making patriotic
treats! This is my way of showing my patriotism.
Thank you to all of the men and women fighting
for our country, say what you will about it now,
I'm glad I live here!

Happy 4th of July!

My flag tres leches cake for Memorial Day:

Strawberry, blueberry, raspberry pie . . . yummm!

Thanks for the ideas Martha Stewart!

This one doesn't look as good because its apple
and all dark and "cinnamonny" but it was my
favorite design

I decided I could never be a professional baker
because I never want to let anyone eat my

Monday, June 28, 2010

Good Sam!

I finally got a job! I will be working at Banner
Good Samaritan in the PCU (Progressive Care Unit)
which is like a step down ICU. It is going to be a great
experience for me as a new nurse! I am super excited
and so grateful that I got a job in these crazy times!
I start on July 12th. Can't Wait! (except for the driving
to Phoenix part)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Kylie Jenkins RN, BSN

It's official! I passed! I'm an RN!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Costa Rica!

We're back! It was an absolutely amazing trip and I could
not have asked for a better way to celebrate being done
with school than going on a tropical getaway and doing
whatever I wanted!

This is our condo, it was quite large and very clean
which made me very happy! We never closed the
windows the entire time and just had a warm tropical
breeze blowing through!....Lovely!

We also had a hammock out front where I spent a lot of
my time reading....for fun! NO SCHOOL BOOKS!

Brett and a large leaf

Hydrangeas grow wild everywhere, I loved it.

Moses on the back of a bus...awesome

A man working with his cows, classic Costa Rica

The growth is incredible, shrubs grow on tree branches
and then grass grows on that . . . a lot of growing going on.
My Arizona mind could not believe it!

La Paz Waterfall

This is similar to what we Zip Lined over

Volcan Poas a sulfuric acid volcano, stinky but cool

The green stuff in the middle is sulfuric acid

Looks like a nice lake right? Its rain runoff from the
volcano and will burn your flesh off. . . .yikes!

We stopped at this muddy river in hopes of seeing
some crocodilos

Our efforts were rewarded :)

Volcan Arenal, an active lava volcano that shook
the ground about every 15 minutes

Up near Volcan Arenal we went Zip Lining . . .

Brett and I on our way up on the Tram

Brett getting unhooked

Brett coming in at 45 mph, you're supposed to
spread your legs at the end to help slow you down,
totally doesn't work but it makes for some good
pics :)

Manuel Antonio Beach, beautiful

After a long day of being lost and finally getting to
the beach we headed back to the car to go home
and found a bunch of these little cuties which made
the day totally worth it


Our last day we went to the San Jose Temple, it
was gorgeous. I did the whole session in Spanish
which made me very proud of myself :)

Brett isn't wearing a tie because he gave it away to
a sweet young man going through for the first time to
leave on his mission to Honduras. They drove like 8
hours to get there and then had to go home. Going on
a mission and being temple worthy is a huge deal in
Costa Rica. There family was so sweet.

More hydrangeas at the temple :) Brett made fun
of me but I love them!

This is me coming in on the Zip Line at 45 mph,
I was really glad the guy stopped me!! :)

The trip was so much fun and now I can't wait for
my next vacation! I want to leave again today!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Exciting News!

Brett got the job with these people:

We are both about to do this:

And celebrate by going here:
Can't Wait! Congratualtions to us!

Friday, April 9, 2010


Sorry for the delay but here are some of the fun things we did in Cali!
Started off with a delicious HUGE ice cream from the
local burger joint. You can't even see Brett behind it,
thats how big it was!

Brett made friends with the local wildlife on the back
porch. It climbed right up that post to see him.
We may or may not have left some food scraps
outside in hopes of seeing a bear. . . but we got
this little guy instead.

We spent one day in San Francisco wich was fun!
First things first, we had lunch! Yummy swordfish!

Alcatraz Island, sorry its so tiny

Brett and I on Pier 39

Sunbathing Sea Lions (Seals) Is there a difference?

Golden Gate Bridge

Brett accomplished a task on his "Things I Want to
do Before I Die" list . . . walk across the Golden Gate
Bridge. Way to go Brett! I went with and it was long
but fun!

Crazy curvy Lomabard Street. The hills in SF are
incredible but this curvy street was nuts!

We celebrated St. Patricks Day with some delicious
green crepes courtesy of Chelsea!

Brett and Reagan playing in the pool!

One day we headed to "Big Tree" State Park

(Clever name huh?)

I'm kind of nerdy but these trees were incredible

The babies in the snow